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Efficient management of your enterprise can translate to an improved organization’s efficiency and productivity.

AllSmart will provide a enterprise management solution that will reflect on your company’s ROIs by employing Enterprise Resource Planning solution in order to get the best out of your workspace while maximizing available resources for maximal productivity.

Companies need to come to the realization that the less the resources used in achieving a result, the more efficient the system is and the higher the propensity for rapid growth.

The central feature of this solution is a shared database that supports multiple functions that may be used by different units in your company. It helps to harmonize and consolidate resources of common usage among your employees into one single hub. This means that employees in different business units can, for example sales and accounting can make use of the same information for their specific needs.

All Smart’s e-Business solution is based on a reputed open source ERP platform from Apache Software Foundation – OFBiz.

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